Cultural Enrichment Program (CEP)
Program Overview &
General Terms and Conditions
                                  General Terms and Conditions

Individuals under the age of eighteen (18) years that desire CEP Membership must have a Parent or
Guardian that is in agreement with these General Terms and Conditions.

To participate in the
Cultural Enrichment Program you must agree to:

1. Follow individual Institutional guidelines, safety regulations, and rules put forth by any CEP
Affiliate curator, instructor, or employee.  

2. Complete any liability waiver form required by any CEP Affiliate for event participation.  

3. Refrain from any display, action, or language that may be deemed as vulgar or considered
offensive to any CEP Affiliate or their patrons.

4. Hold theCornerstone Academy of the Arts, a nonprofit association harmless for any injury,
casualty, loss of property, or damage incurred while under CEP Affiliate tour, instruction, or event

5. Any Terms and Conditions required by any CEP Affiliate for event participation.  CEP Affiliate
Terms and Conditions are available at each Affiliate location and may be requested at no charge.

6. Show proof of valid California identification with presentation of CAP Membership Card for
program participation.  Children without valid identification must meet any physical description
provided at CAP Membership Card purchase or receipt and be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

8. Each CEP Affiliate museum or institute offers either one free admission, or one limited admission
discount to CAP Members with proof of Membership.  Individual offers of CEP Affiliates will either
be posted on this website, or offered via special email notification.  Any such free admissions or
discounts may be used one time only, per Member, and cannot be used in conjunction with any
other promotional offer or discount available through CEP Affiliates.  Fraudulent or abusive use of  
Membership benefits will remain grounds for the termination of CAP Membership.  Likewise,
theCornerstone retains the right to bill such an abusive Member at the Affiliate Institutes regular
entry rates and for any services rendered by result of illegitimate Member demands, sways,
coercions, or intimidation for Affiliate services.  

9. It is understood that these Terms and Conditions do not fully contain all policies of
theCornerstone in its administration of CAP or CEP.  It is the most sincere hope of theCornerstone
that any existing or necessarily rendered policy be the result of considered reason, a common sense,
and by reasonable expectation of Member courtesy and gratitude.

10. Any use of the CAP Membership Card toward the purpose of CEP hereby indicates Member
agreement with these General Terms and Conditions.
General Terms and Conditions
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CEP Overview
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How to Join CEP:
Currently, all CAP Members receive free and immediate enrollment in the Cultural
Enrichment Program
, or CEP.   Thus for administrative purposes, an application must be
made through CAP in order to receive CEP Membership benefits.  To apply for CAP
Membership you may click
HERE or go to our Join CAP! page.  Please be certain to read
CAP Terms and Conditions, as agreement with them is mandatory for Membership.

About CEP:
The Cultural Enrichment Program (CEP) is designed to help individuals discover and
explore the incredible variety of resources available through local museums and research
institutes.  CEP accomplishes its mission in several ways, including:

* Free admission or discounts to CEP Affiliate museums and institutes,
* CAP Member Notification & Invitation to special events, and by
* Host of creative, educational, and artistic fairs.

Likewise, it is our hope that the
CAP Events and CEP Events pages on this website will
eventually serve as a digital, informational portal to special artistic and institutional
CEP is scheduled to be reopened to CAP Members as of Spring, 2016.  At that time,
special CEP events, exhibits, workshops, and fairs will be listed on the CEP Events page
of this website.  
For further details regarding program administration or rules, such as how to apply,
special needs of Members, eligibility, costs and limitations, membership term, and more
please be sure to review the CAP Overview by clicking
Program Overview
CEP Learning
theCornerstone CEP is currently being
restructured and is due to reopen Spring, 201
Thank you for your patience and support!