Academy of the Arts
a nonprofit association
Program Overview &
General Terms and Conditions
Your Membership in the Certificate of the Arts Program (CAP) may include up to:

                     Five (5) Beginning Arts Courses
                                     (CAP Courses)
     & Enrollment in the Cultural Enrichment Program (CEP)

Application Process & Membership Activation:
-     All individuals desiring Membership must complete a CAP/CEP Application located at the
Join/Donate page of this website.  Once you have applied, we will enter the information you entered into
our Member Information database.  One CAP Membership Card will be mailed to each individual named
on your application, along with a
Letter of Introduction to CAP/CEP.  You will receive an email Notice of
within 72 hours that will include a scheduled appointment date for your first lesson.  Do not
miss your scheduled appointment as your enrollment for that Course may be terminated
at the
discretion of the Artist and any fee paid toward that course forfeited.  If you cannot attend a scheduled
class, you must notify the Artist at least 24 hours prior to the appointment date.  We suggest you do this
by email and phone.

Scheduling Your 1st & Subsequent Lessons:
-     Each Applicant must schedule the first lesson for their first CAP Course when they apply.  This is
because Course classes are limited in size and filled on a first come-first serve basis.  Additionally, your
CAP Membership Card is activated at the time of your first lesson.  Once a Member has attended his or
her first lesson and activated their CAP Card, they may enroll in subsequent Courses directly with the
regional Artists of their choice.  Once you have received your CAP Membership Card,
you must present it
to your chosen CAP Artists.  When presented, each artist will register one
Beginning Art Course on your
Membership Card and schedule your first lesson for that particular art.  Please
do not lose your CAP
Membership Card
, as we will have to bill you for any Replacement Membership Card (currently $12.00).

Choosing a Course:
-     Members may choose CAP Courses offered by any available CAP Affiliate Artist in their assigned
region (the region in which you reside).  CAP Affiliate Artists outside your region may service you at their

Eligibility & How to Obtain Membership:
-     Membership may be obtained by purchase through this website, from select CAP Membership
Distributors, or by sponsored scholarship.  All those desiring Membership must complete a CAP/CEP
Application located at the
Join/Donate page of this website.  One aspect of theCornerstone's mission is
to promote family unity and activity.  Therefore,
scholarship recipients may now include all immediate
family Members on their Application
.   CAP Membership is available to any California resident who
resides within a region serviced by any CAP Affiliate Artist.  Programs are available for all age groups.
(Please note further
Eligibility Limitations & Special Needs, below).

Membership Term:
Each CAP Membership is valid for one (1) year from the date of activation.  

Cultural Enrichment Program (CEP):
-     All CAP Members are immediately enrolled in the Cultural Enrichment Program (CEP).  CEP is
designed to keep CAP Members informed on local museum, science, research, and discovery institute
resources and to help them access those resources, as well.

Costs & Limitations:
Purchased Memberships:
-     Non-scholarship recipients may purchase a Five (5) Art Course CAP Membership for $199.  The
purchase price includes all fees and registrations costs, excepting nominal supply costs that may be
required by a few artists for such items as archery targets, or desired art supplies.  Purchased
memberships may be considered as legal Donations and are therefore
tax deductible.

Scholarship Recipients:
-     On specified occasions and offers, the first CAP Course for scholarship recipients may be free - do
not pay a Registration Fee for it if so designated.  Recipients and their family members may Register for
Courses by paying a $15 Registration Fee for each Course they wish to add.   Each person named on an
application may Register for a maximum of Five (5) Courses.  All CAP Lessons are tuition free, by
donation from our Affiliate Artists.  We truly thank them for their incredible offers, and hope you will do the

Eligibility Limitations & Special Needs:
-     Again, any CAP Membership is valid for one (1) year from the date of activation or receipt.  Each
Beginning Arts Course may be taken one time only.  Affiliate Artists may maintain Course eligibility
requirements for fitness and liability purposes which may limit or exclude customer participation.  All
participants must agree to follow all Course guidelines put forth by CAP Affiliate Artists and agree to
General Terms and Conditions (see General Terms and Conditions below).  Many CAP
Artists have programs for individuals with special needs, such as confinement to wheel chairs, or
autism.   If you have special needs, please be sure to notify us and the Artist so we may best serve you.

Course Length & Art Continuation:
-     The majority of CAP Beginning Arts Courses are between three and four weeks in length.  They are
generally designed as comprehensive courses intended to instruct you in several basic skills and
introduce you to the language, tools, philosophy, and etiquette of the art.  It is the specific purpose of CAP
to help you and your family find an art or sport that will creatively, artistically, and physically involve you for
the rest of your life.  Therefore, each CAP Artist will evaluate your success upon the completion of any
CAP Course, Certify your completion of the Art with a Certificate, and invite you to continue your studies on
paid tuition.

Please Note: Some offered programs run in monthly cycles, so you must call for an appointment.  
Artists may be added or removed from the Program, or classes fully booked making some Courses
occasionally subject to availability.  Therefore, we recommend you occasionally visit the
Current Arts section of this website to remain updated.  Please be sure to add us to your Favorites List!
"Building a new realm."
                         Additional General Terms and Conditions

Members and children desiring CAP Membership must have a Parent or Guardian that is in
agreement with these General Terms and Conditions.

To participate in the Certificate of the Arts Program you must agree to:

1. Follow individual course instruction guidelines, safety regulations, and rules put forth by any CAP
Affiliate artist, instructor, or employee.  

2. Complete any liability waiver form required by any CAP Affiliate for course participation.  

3. Refrain from any display, action, or language that may be deemed as vulgar or considered
offensive to any CAP Affiliate instructor or patron.

4. Hold theCornerstone Academy of the Arts, a nonprofit association harmless for any injury,
casualty, loss of property, or damage incurred while under CAP Affiliate program instruction.

5. Any Terms and Conditions required by any CAP Affiliate for program participation.  All CAP
Affiliate Terms and Conditions are available at each Affiliate location and may be requested at no
charge prior to CAP Membership purchase.  If a Member is found unable to abide by such Terms
and Conditions while in the course of program instruction, then the Member may contact
theCornerstone for a substitute course, if one is available and the Member able to abide the Terms
and Conditions of that course.

6. Show proof of valid California identification with presentation of CAP Membership Card for
program participation.  Children without valid identification must meet any physical description
provided at CAP Membership Card purchase or receipt and be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

7. Many CAP Affiliates participate in CAP as a community service.  While each Affiliate may choose
to serve CAP Members from any city, all CAP Affiliates retain the right to refuse service to any CAP
Member not living in their particular Affiliate region (currently, North Los Angeles, Gateway Cities,
Orange County, or the city of Long Beach).

8. Each CAP Course may be attended one time only per Member and cannot be used in conjunction
with any other promotional offer or discount available through CAP Affiliates.  Thus, a Member
cannot take Introduction to Music for guitar, at one location, then request Introduction to Music for
piano, at the same or other Affiliate location.  Any such fraudulent and abusive use of  Membership
benefits will remain grounds for the termination of CAP Membership.  Likewise, theCornerstone
retains the right to bill such an abusive Member at the Affiliate Artist's regular tuition rates for any
services rendered by result of illegitimate Member demands, sways, coercions, or intimidation for
Affiliate services.  

9. It is understood that these Terms and Conditions do not fully contain all policies of
theCornerstone in its administration of CAP.  It is the most sincere hope of theCornerstone that any
existing or necessarily rendered policy be the result of considered reason, a common sense, and by
reasonable expectation of Member courtesy and gratitude.

Attend your initial appointment set by theCornerstone and any appointment scheduled
by you.
 CAP Affiliate Artists donate their time as an educational community service and pay their
staff to serve you. Class sizes are limited.  A Member who misses a scheduled class not only
displays disrespect to the Artist, but denies others the chance to take their position in class.    If you
cannot make a scheduled appointment, you must
reschedule that appointment 24 hours prior to the
appointment date.
 If you do not, your CAP Membership may be terminated at the discretion of
the offended Artist.  Likewise, any purchase amount for the scheduled Art Course will be forfeited
by you, by determination of the Artist.

11.  Artists often change the curriculum of their courses.  Therefore, courses may differ from the
descriptions posted on the Directory page of this website.   Members must contact artists directly to
confirm course offerings, length, and curriculum.  

12. Any use of the CAP Membership Card indicates Member agreement with these General Terms
and Conditions.
Copyright, 2009. James C. Stults
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CEP Overview
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CEP Learning
-    The Certificate of the Arts Program, or CAP, has been designed to help you discover the art, sport, or
activity that's best for you, your child, and family.  Your CAP Membership allows you to choose and experience
up to five (5) different Introductory Art or Sport CAP Courses from a choice of over 150 different skills.
Each CAP Course will teach you several art or sport skills, and familiarize you with the general language,
etiquette, tools, and world that engrosses its members in personal growth and competitive spirit.  Upon
successful completion of each course, you will receive a
Certificate of the Arts (see sample below) in
recognition of your achievement, and you will be invited to continue your studies.
-     We offer our most sincere thanks to the Artists who have made this program possible and wish you well
on your journey of personal growth and fulfillment!
About CAP
Program Overview, General Terms & Conditions
theCornerstone CAP is currently being
restructured and is due to reopen Spring, 2016.  
Thank you for your patience and support!